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Shasta, Red-Tailed Hawk

Will you help this Majestic Bird?

“Shasta”, a Red-Tailed Hawk, was the victim of an illegal shooting in the Shasta Mountain Range of California. Because her wing required partial amputation she can never be returned to the wild. Shasta found safe haven with us at Wildlife Experience and has since educated thousands of people about her majestic species and the laws that protect them.


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Join Us in Africa on Safari!

Bev's Bio Photo

Seeing animals in their natural environments inspires us to conserve our natural world and helps us continue to be responsible stewards of the earth's natural resources.

It is my desire to provide a memorable African experience for our guests while connecting people to some of the most magnificent wild creatures and places remaining on our planet.

Offering our safaris at an affordable rate is important to me, so we have decided to Include the cost of gorilla and chimp permits in our safaris. We hope this will give more people the opportunity to come and experience the true brilliance of Uganda.

Join me on our next safari and experience one of the most memorable journeys of your life!

Beverly Critcher, Founder

Wildlife Experience, Inc.

Visit our Safari Website for details or download a Safari Brochure now!

Uganda Safari

"One day we are on caravan seeing elephants, lion, leopards and then next day we were trekking through the rainforest in search of mountain gorilla  -Wildlife Experience organized a brilliant safari "                               
                                   –  J. Carlos

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Connecting People to Our Natural World


Wildlife Experience is a CA 501 (c) (3) wildlife conservation organization dedicated to wildlife & environmental conservation through community education and provides quality, life long care for the non-releasable animals in our charge.

We achieve our educational goals by offering CA Life & Physical Science Standard based Outreach Programming in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County schools and participate in Special Environmental and Community Events.

Our programs offer environments for people to see the animals they are learning about. This direct connection has an increase in cognitive learning ability and an increase in affective learning, which fosters a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment. Since 2000 we are proud to have served over 300,000 people with wildlife education programming in Southern California! Learn more.

Nature Programs

Presenting live native and exotic animal species allows us to create a diverse program topic base for any event. Whether a School, Library, Camp, Community Event or any other affair, our Nature Programs are created to excite people about the natural world around them and encourage responsible action concerning wildlife and the environment. Learn more.

Click here to download our latest brochure.

Wildlife Shows/Special Events

Designed for large audiences for special events our Wildlife Shows are full of education and entertainment! Animals demonstrate their natural behaviors in a show that encourages people to respect wildlife and become responsible stewards of the earth’s natural resources. Fun for all ages! Learn more.


Wildlife Experience is embarking on our 10th year of conservation in Uganda Africa. Our goals are to help species in a threatened or endangered state in the wild while protecting the habitats in which they live.

Wildlife Experience achieves this in the following ways:

1) Research and Action Plan Development
2) Developing alternative methods of sustainability for local families
3) Education Programs for local schools in the district
4) Regional Radio Programming that spans throughout the local communities adjacent to fragmented forests

Learn more.