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Nature Programs

We Bring the Wildlife to YOU! Wildlife Experience has discovered that educational environments where children receive the opportunity to see the animals they are learning about have an increase in their cognitive learning ability. Live animal presentations also increases affective learning and fosters a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment.

Whether a School, Library, Camp Program, Community Event or any other affair, our interactive Nature Programs are designed to excite people about nature and encourage children to take responsible action concerning wildlife.

Our enthusiastic experienced staff is qualified to handle the animals and effectively present the material designed. We are sensitive to the needs of our audience and consider age appropriateness and culture when presenting our programs. We also understand that entertainment is necessary to engage students into a learning program.

Our facility is fully insured and licensed by CA Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Department of Agriculture.

Choose from a variety of Assembly Topics or we can design one together! Either way, all of our programs are age appropriate and correlated to California State Standards.

Assemblies – Schedule today! (805) 649-5384

Wild Safari
Join a diversity of animals from around the world. Our journey will introduce you to their
habitats, their unique adaptations and the intriguing cultures that surround them.

“It’s a Rainforest THING”
Our most popular program introduces our worldwide tropical and temperate rainforests.
We’ll explore each layer of the rainforest, the animals that live in each layer, and all the
important things the rainforest gives us like chocolate!

Native Neighbors
Wildlife is everywhere! Raccoon, Opossum, Hawk, Owl, Skunk and many other creatures live
in our neighborhoods and share our living space. Learn how to enjoy and protect California’s
wild creatures around your home… and theirs!
3rd grade teachers are raving about this program which correlates with Open Court Reading.

WILD Nights
Discover the world of nocturnal animals. Meet animals that depend on the dark for their

Other Programs
W.E. can design a specific program to suit your curriculum needs. Please do not hesitate to
call us for more information.

In Class Series – Schedule today! (805) 649-5384

In Class Series programs enable students to learn about wildlife up-close and personal. Choose one of our In Class Series programs and Wildlife Experience will come to your classroom for a 40 minute presentation once a week for 5 weeks. Each week we will change topics and animals!

Animal Adaptations
Explores the natural ways animals adapt to their environment to ensure their survival. Topics include: Camouflage, Eyesight, Dentition, Movement, and Defense.

Introduces students to the general concepts of ecology and highlights the energy cycle of life. Topics include: Investigating Wildlife, Habitats, Food Chains, Food Webs, and Ecosystems. (For grades 3 and up)

Native Neighbors
This Series correlates great with Open Court Reading. Designed to help students identify and understand the local wildlife in their area. Topics include: Nocturnal Animals, Animal Tracks, Super Senses, Creepy Crawlies and Living with Wildlife.

Acquaints students with an overview ofthe animal kingdom and explores those animals which have vertebrae (backbones). Topics include: Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals.

Also available: Invertebrates, Biomes, Careers with Animals or we can create a series specifically for your classroom.